Yoga Class Guidelines & Etiquette

These guidelines are meant to help everyone have a peaceful, clean and smoothly-run class experience! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me ~ I am here to help!


Arrive 10 Minutes Early
Please arrive 10 minutes before class begins. This gives us time to check in, pay for classes and take care of any business or questions before class starts.

Practice Sauca (Cleanliness) and Avoid Fragrances
Please practice Sauca (the sanskrit word for cleanliness of mind, body and spirit) and arrive with a clean body, in comfortable exercise clothing and avoid using perfume, after shave, hair products with heavy fragrance, essential oils or strong deodorants before class

Wear Comfortable Exercise Clothing

Shorts, Leggings, Tank Tops, T-shirts work fine. Clothing should not be so tight that it is restrictive and not so baggy that it gets in the way!

Bring your own mat
For sanitary purposes (Sauca!), it is best if you have your own mat. If you need to borrow one, we ask that you clean it before you put it back after class. Towelettes or mat spray and towels are available for this purpose. If you need to purchase a mat, I recommends the “Long Life” mats from

Hydrate Before (& After) Class
Please hydrate well before class and bring your own filled water bottle to class. For safety reasons, please only drink small amounts of water during class and make sure you continue to hydrate after class.

Remove your shoes

Yoga is a barefoot practice and taking your shoes off as soon as you enter will help keep the studio cleaner (there’s that Sauca again!). There are cubbies, hooks and shelves where you can store your shoes and any personal belongings.

Be A Good Neighbor
We share space with other practitioners and other businesses. Please be a good neighbor and park in designated spaces for our studio or on the street. Please also use quiet tones when anyone has posted a sign about a session in progress. They will do the same for us!

Tell The Teacher About Injuries or Other Changing Health Conditions

Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers are trained to accommodate a wide variety of issues in the context of every yoga class and level, however, we cannot read your mind (yet!). Please let the teacher know of any new injuries or changes in any conditions.


If you are having a bad period, please stay home and rest. (Talk to me afterwards about a home practice to help alleviate menstrual complaints)

If you feel so-so, come to class and let me know. I will help you with a supported, menstruation-specific practice.

If you feel fine, come to class and please still let me know at the beginning of class.

For safety reasons, women on their moon cycle (even if you feel great!) should not practice strenuous poses, such as arm balances and also should not practice twists or inversions. Your teacher needs to know you are on your moon cycle at the beginning of class to help support you with an appropriate practice.

Pregnancy & Childbirth

Please treat your yoga teacher as part of your health care team. For your safety during first trimester (and beyond) it is important that you share this information as soon as possible — your confidentiality will be respected.

Leave valuables at home
There is no secure storage available at the studio

If you have any questions, please contact me by email or phone/text: 541.788.0725