Restorative Yoga in Bend, Oregon

Restorative Yoga in Bend, Oregon ~ Bonnie Walker, M.Ed.

As a Yoga Teacher in Bend, Oregon I offer a balanced mix of classes throughout the month that include active standing, seated, forward bends, back bends and inversions, plus a full week of Restorative Yoga classes at the end of each month.

What is Restorative Yoga?

“Restorative Yoga” can actually mean different things from studio to studio, but most commonly, restorative yoga includes the use of props so that poses can be held longer in order to get more benefit and relaxation.

Sometimes, people mistakenly assume that if they cannot attend an active yoga class that they have to take restorative yoga or that restorative yoga is only for people who can’t participate in active yoga classes.

Relaxation is an art and restorative yoga is the palette and paint brush! Everyone needs a healthy balance of both active and restorative yoga classes and that is why I regularly incorporate restorative yoga into the regular schedule. Just like everything else, we need to practice relaxation in order to fully, deeply learn how to relax.

Why Are So Many People Interested in Restorative Yoga?

The truth is, we’re pretty stressed out these days! As a society, we are working harder for less than ever.

Restorative yoga can be a great way to relax and unwind and to resume your yoga practice after coming back from an illness, injury or other long-term absence. It also provides a counter balance to active yoga classes in order to allow the body to recover, recuperate and incorporate the benefits of both active yoga classes and restorative yoga classes. No matter how strong, agile and flexible we are, we always need to take a moment for recovery and reflection!

What Are Alternatives to Restorative Yoga?

Any alignment yoga class is a great alternative to “restorative yoga”. I am highly trained in modifying poses for a wide variety of range of motion, mobility and health issues so that you can resume your entire yoga practice and not just one specific type of practice.

My regular group classes are at least 75 minutes long so that we can spend at least 15 minutes of every class in relaxation and restorative poses. You will be provided with modifications to support your practice for the entire class.

If you are recovering from an illness, injury or just want a slower pace in a yoga class, you can also look for “Gentle” yoga classes. I offer gentle yoga classes when there is enough student interest, so please get in touch with me if you are interested in Gentle Yoga.

What Restorative Yoga Classes Does Bonnie Walker Offer?

I reserve the 4th or last week of the month entirely for Restorative Yoga! In addition, I offer workshops that always include a restorative section and some months the entire monthly workshop is restorative!

How Can I Sign Up For Restorative Yoga with Bonnie Walker in Bend?

If you are recovering from an illness or injury, please contact me first to discuss your return to yoga practice.

If you are interested in Restorative Yoga, in general, the 4th week of the month is “Restorative Week” … but you can come to any of my classes during the month and get the support you need for your range of motion issues and a relaxation sequence at the end of class.

Class sizes are small, so there is no need to sign up in advance or make a reservation. Contact me for my current teaching schedule and locations.