Is It OK To Wear Shoes for Counter Stretch?

These are adorable, but you'll have to take them off for Counter Stretch!After one of my classes, a student asked the question, “I was gardening the other night and really wanted to do Counter Stretch. Is it ok to wear shoes for Counter Stretch?”. My reply was, “Well, if you are in class or practicing a personal practice sequence at home, then you want to be bare footed so that you get the feedback from your feet being directly on the ground. But, if you’re out in the garden or at work at a desk and need a break, then I think it would be an excellent idea to get up and practice Counter Stretch (Ardha Uttanasana), plus some shoulder openers, even if it’s not practical to take your shoes off in that moment”.

For my blog post on the topic, I would expand that to say, unless your shoes have very high heels, wide platforms or other features that would compromise your balance. Those you have to take off … but I’m guessing if you are contemplating a Counter Stretch break, you probably won’t object to taking the stilettos off for a moment or two!