In Memory of Geeta Iyengar, 1944 – 2018

Geeta IyengarVery sad to share that Geeta Iyengar passed away on Sunday, December 16, 2018. Geeta Iyengar was the daughter of BKS Iyengar and author of “Yoga A Gem for Women” which is one of the text books Iyengar Yoga teacher education is based on. Rest Peacefully Geetaji. December 7, 1944 – December 16, 2018

From IYNAUS: “We write with sad news. Our beloved Geetaji died Sunday morning in Pune. There will be a service at RIMYI, and she will be cremated Sunday afternoon in Pune. There are not words adequate to express what she has meant to us and to the world. We are grateful for her devotion to Guruji and his teachings. We are grateful for her passion. We are grateful for her many years of teachings us. We are grateful for her love. We are grateful for her healing touch. Rest In Peace Geetaji.”

From Heather Haxo Phillips, CIYT: “Our dearest, most beloved Geetaji has passed on, giving herself back to the Source.

Geetaji passed easily with no pain, early this morning. In her last moments, she was awake and breathless, in an asana to help her breathe. And then the breath came no more. She was with her family and surrounded in love in her transition.

Geeta told us many times this week that Yoga was all she wanted, it was her path no question about it. And all she wanted for us was to practice.

So please as you process this news, practice. Be together in community, love each other and practice. If you need structure, go to the Sutras and study Sutras 2.2 (and 2.1) as these were the ones on her mind right now, sutras 3.1-3.16. All yoga is transformation. Observe and reflect on transformation, and Geetajis contribution to us individually and collectively. She is with her father now and without suffering. Let us be happy for her and hope that that we will meet them both again in some form.”

Jai Geetaji!”